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Is it possible for sports fan to give up college football?

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Loving to Hate College Football

After reading a day’s worth of posts of friends who enjoy Valentine’s day and or sarcastically mock the holiday, I had to turn off the ESPN hype machine again as they are already gearing up NFL draft talk. I usually don’t mind this chatter as the hype machine has to fill something besides Tim Tebow, Skip Bayless, and people arguing in general.

But due to my embargo of college football, does the draft count as following college football? The NFL draft is usually my favorite event because the Detroit Lions, my favorite team, usually has a top 10 pick. However, the Lions success cuts away into draft excitement and also, the NFL changed the draft from 3 days self-love fest. 

So I’m looking for some guidance from my 2 to 4 readers and looking for some insight. Should I ignore the NFL draft? Or should I just catch awesome baseball and funny youtube clips instead?


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