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Is it possible for sports fan to give up college football?

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March Madness is here! March Madness is here!

Hello again. It’s that favorite time of the year for college sports again. A big friggin’ tournament!! After today, people actually heard of the South Dakota Jack Rabbits. They literally have a dyke house and I would love to go that school on that aspect alone. My point is that you would never hear about the Jack Rabbits, VCU, or the entire state of Kentucky in the college football world.

Now, I’m not asking 64-68 teams in football because I know it’s not feasible, but you can have more than 4 or 8. Another argument that is made that small schools would not be competition for the larger football powerhouses. I know the playing field might be skewed, but it’s not out of the realm possibility that a small school can pull off the upset.

Finally, aren’t you tired of the Nick Saban, Urban Meyers, Chip Kellys on the podiums when there is a chance you have this guy instead?

So enjoy the tournament and I might make a comment or two that will enlighten you.  Or maybe not.


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