Self- Imposed Sanctions

Is it possible for sports fan to give up college football?

Lions Obituary and National College Football Embargo Day

Oh Detroit Lions. After a few days passed by watching mind numbing television, I finally started dissect the season and what they need to improve upon for the following years. They are missing two key elements of football, stopping the run and running the ball. I’m not asking for the football reincarnations of Lawrence Taylor and Bo Jackson, but they need to be competent those two departments.However, there is a lot of positives to take from this year team and the biggest one is the major strides that Matthew Stafford took to being the special franchise quarterback. After more mind numbing television  and movies, I will go into more details of the Lions throughout winter and spring.

Now I have been avoiding ESPN more than ever not due to Tebow/Jesus/Steelers were really banged up so why everyone is surprised that they lost mania, but it’s National College Football Embargo Day in which I will miss the national title game on purpose because the game is a farce. Also it features Nick Saban who is the walking hypocrite.

“Anyone who doesn’t win their conference has no business playing in the national championship game.” – Nick Saban

Now, if Alabama wins which could very well happen, does that make them a champion?  I don’t know

If LSU wins at the Superdome, does that making them a champion because the beat a team that they already beat? I don’t know

This faulty logic in which the rules and factors change on they pick the finalist change, there is no such thing as a champion. If you want to watch something that premeditated and you can argue with your friends on who is the best, I got a recommendation.

Happy College Football Embargo Day!!!


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