Self- Imposed Sanctions

Is it possible for sports fan to give up college football?

So Why Am I Doing This?

My first attempts of avoiding college football have been rather difficult, especially this time of the year. Pick any of the non-NFL or NBA shows on ESPN, college football is wrinkled throughout their programming. Also, it’s difficult to watch or listen to local programming when Michigan won the Sugar Bowl and the coverage that it gained. I found it’s everywhere, it’s almost unavoidable, but I’m going to continue on. It’s like trying to avoid advertising if you are walking in this neighborhood.

So you might asking, why am I quitting College Football? As one of my good friends put it, it’s the greatest sport on the Earth. Yes there is a lot of fun. Rivals, Tailgates, Weird Plays, and this guy, what more can you ask?

Well a lot. First thing first. A tournament would be spectacular. Everyone raved on Television and Radio about how great the Oklahoma St. and Stanford game was (no clue if it was: embargo) and wonder who cares who won? It’s nice that whoever won, won, but it is nothing but a final exhibition and money-maker in this order for BCS, NCAA, Bowl Game, Conferences, and then two schools. It only explains why athletic departments are struggling. If there was a tournament, a lot of those middlemen would not exist. NCAA wants to keep the guise that they are for the “student athlete.” But NCAA/BCS are not really subtle, they know they are making hand over fist while arbitrarily punishing schools for athletes, who do not have the comfortable living situation as the NCAA.

Pay the players. The counter argument is players are getting paid with scholarships to go to school. One, the number one, two, and three objective for these athletes is not how well they do in school, but if the did well enough to play. In additions, universities’ athletic departments are making large profits and it’s not because of the coaches.

Finally, get rid of the NCAA. The Barney Fife of the college world has no set precedent on how they actually promise. If the universities and conferences actually set up rules amongst themselves and have a group independent to police them, it would be much cheaper and more efficient than bumbling cop on the beat.

Now that I said my peace about college football, I’m going to take on the daunting task to avoid it… if it’s possible.


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    Glad I can inspire

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