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Is it possible for sports fan to give up college football?

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Let’s Get Excited For What 18 Year Olds Decide Day!

It’s the end of January, I’m still sticking to writing in my blog unlike fad diets and exercises. I noticed that ESPN has started to sneak coverage about recruiting classes, which I’m not watching. Unlike bowls and actual games, I have never been a fan of recruiting coverage so avoiding this junk is easy.

Panning what a 17 or 18-year-old can do down the road is too unpredictable, especially when most high school kids are immature. Also, physically, who knows what changes are going to occur over 3 or 4 years, will they never develop or turn into an athletic freak?

For football references, Ryan Van Dyke and Drew Henson were both highly recruited who went to Michigan State and University of Michigan. One QB decided to pick baseball over the football team and the other guy had Van one arm and Dyke with the another arm. One can figure out how the fans loved how they panned out.

Also the TV coverage is annoying, why do the players have to play a 3 card monte with college hats? It just reminds me of bad reality television.Than when the player makes a surprise school change, the thought creep in of why they make the decision? Of course there are no examples of which schools used nefarious means to recruit players.

Will paying players and having an actual post-season tournament end the stupidity of recruiting? No, but it would spread the talent out more and maybe these guys can get a better education than they are currently getting.


Playoffs Please!

So after watching the NFL playoffs and happy that the Tim Tebow talk is going to pass for at least three seconds, the Green Bay Packers lost to the New York Giants. Now you may ask, how does this relate with NCAA football? Well the BCS  is considering making a “Final Four.” First thing first, it’s stupid. How can you have a final anything when they are starting out? It’s like me saying that I’m the final blogger on self-imposed sanctions from college football. That logic makes me want to self-medicate.

Secondly, the upset by Eli Manning to the Packers proves that the top teams can be upset. Okay B”C”S (I don’t recognize championship), it’s time to realize you need a playoff and need it now! I would write more, but it would involve more of this and this.


Lions Obituary and National College Football Embargo Day

Oh Detroit Lions. After a few days passed by watching mind numbing television, I finally started dissect the season and what they need to improve upon for the following years. They are missing two key elements of football, stopping the run and running the ball. I’m not asking for the football reincarnations of Lawrence Taylor and Bo Jackson, but they need to be competent those two departments.However, there is a lot of positives to take from this year team and the biggest one is the major strides that Matthew Stafford took to being the special franchise quarterback. After more mind numbing television  and movies, I will go into more details of the Lions throughout winter and spring.

Now I have been avoiding ESPN more than ever not due to Tebow/Jesus/Steelers were really banged up so why everyone is surprised that they lost mania, but it’s National College Football Embargo Day in which I will miss the national title game on purpose because the game is a farce. Also it features Nick Saban who is the walking hypocrite.

“Anyone who doesn’t win their conference has no business playing in the national championship game.” – Nick Saban

Now, if Alabama wins which could very well happen, does that make them a champion?  I don’t know

If LSU wins at the Superdome, does that making them a champion because the beat a team that they already beat? I don’t know

This faulty logic in which the rules and factors change on they pick the finalist change, there is no such thing as a champion. If you want to watch something that premeditated and you can argue with your friends on who is the best, I got a recommendation.

Happy College Football Embargo Day!!!

So Why Am I Doing This?

My first attempts of avoiding college football have been rather difficult, especially this time of the year. Pick any of the non-NFL or NBA shows on ESPN, college football is wrinkled throughout their programming. Also, it’s difficult to watch or listen to local programming when Michigan won the Sugar Bowl and the coverage that it gained. I found it’s everywhere, it’s almost unavoidable, but I’m going to continue on. It’s like trying to avoid advertising if you are walking in this neighborhood.

So you might asking, why am I quitting College Football? As one of my good friends put it, it’s the greatest sport on the Earth. Yes there is a lot of fun. Rivals, Tailgates, Weird Plays, and this guy, what more can you ask?

Well a lot. First thing first. A tournament would be spectacular. Everyone raved on Television and Radio about how great the Oklahoma St. and Stanford game was (no clue if it was: embargo) and wonder who cares who won? It’s nice that whoever won, won, but it is nothing but a final exhibition and money-maker in this order for BCS, NCAA, Bowl Game, Conferences, and then two schools. It only explains why athletic departments are struggling. If there was a tournament, a lot of those middlemen would not exist. NCAA wants to keep the guise that they are for the “student athlete.” But NCAA/BCS are not really subtle, they know they are making hand over fist while arbitrarily punishing schools for athletes, who do not have the comfortable living situation as the NCAA.

Pay the players. The counter argument is players are getting paid with scholarships to go to school. One, the number one, two, and three objective for these athletes is not how well they do in school, but if the did well enough to play. In additions, universities’ athletic departments are making large profits and it’s not because of the coaches.

Finally, get rid of the NCAA. The Barney Fife of the college world has no set precedent on how they actually promise. If the universities and conferences actually set up rules amongst themselves and have a group independent to police them, it would be much cheaper and more efficient than bumbling cop on the beat.

Now that I said my peace about college football, I’m going to take on the daunting task to avoid it… if it’s possible.

Outback Review

First let me say this, I will never get why a restaurant like Outback Restaurant will sponsor a college football game. It just doesn’t work, anyway back to the game.

The first half of the game was a bit of a nightmare. The Georgia defense was flying around and brought back old memories. However, MSU played decent enough defense well, which made the game really boring where only Ray Guy could be the only one to watch it with glee.

The second half was another whole story. MSU kept fighting and they split and broke through the Georgia’s defense like a Bloomin’ Onion. It was really delicious, I mean exciting to watch. The biggest swing for MSU’s favor was the interception by Darqueze Denard, which he picked off that pass and ran with the ball like it was the last Bushman ‘Shroom. However, the best moments of the 2nd half was Kirk Cousins final drive to tie the game. He cut through the Georgia Defense like knife through a Porterhouse steak.

The overtime featured why Georgia fans hate their coach besides one of the dumbest moments of football. Georgia needed a field goal to win the game and instead of getting as close as possible, they settled for a field goal on 3rd down. When I saw the kicker had the “Oh Shit” look on his face, it had miss written all over it.

So after my excitement, I am definitely going to root for Kirk Cousins in whatever he does. Cousins hails from the west side of the state which it’s a little churchy. However, Cousins does not take his faith to obnoxious Tebow levels. What made MSU fun to watch is that you knew Cousins was proud to play college football, but even he was frustrated with the levels of hypocrisy that the BCS created.

Well next year should provide fresh faces for MSU, just like the freshness of the seafood from Outback, and should be quite exciting for everyone else, excluding myself.

Outback Bowl and Backing Out of College Football

If you are not one of my friends and family members who’s going to read this, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Jason and sports are a big part of my life. Growing up in the metro Detroit area, the Wings, Pistons, Tigers and Lions are key fabrics to the community and to the state of Michigan. However, what divides the state and city are the two major colleges of Michigan and Michigan State University. I supposedly choose to be the “little brother,” but haven’t experienced a loss since that and everyone in Spartan Nation is quick to mention this. This is what makes college football fun, however in the past few years, the fun is harder to find. So after this Outback Bowl, I am going to give up on college football for one year.

Now, after Michigan fans call me sour grapes about what happened to MSU with the BCS selection, I need to explain myself. One, it is sour grapes. Two, Michigan fans shouldn’t be happy with the recent selection that features the rematch. In 2006, Michigan and Ohio State played a close enough game in which one could make the case for their own rematch. Three, you are a Michigan fan, so you wouldn’t understand.

So I’m going enjoy a blooming onion and have a Foster’s and watch my last 2012 MSU game. Happy New Year!

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